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Do you sell or stick  . . .  how about going long-term?

Are you in a situation where you’re no longer using your vacation home as often. Or your location for short-term rentals is not as buoyant as it once was, so now you’re contemplating selling the asset (even at a loss)

This type of situation has increased over the last five years, especially for owners who’ve had their home for 10 years or more. The good news is there is a solution that fits this type of situation, finding a long-term renter. This approach suits properties that are not overloaded with extra fees such as high HOA and taxes.

There are benefits, we can include the cost pool cleaning, pest control, landscaping into the monthly rent, ensuring your home is not neglected by a tenant, plus the utilities will now be the responsibility of the renter. Maintenance and emergencies needs are provided by our Field Service Teams, giving you further assurance. VillaDirect also take care of qualifying the tenants, managing and collecting deposits and payments.

To find out more about a “Long-Term solution”, simply complete the inquiry form or call our Client Relations Team. We look forward to helping you find a solution. And if this solution does not appeal to you and selling is the best option, our Real Estate Team are available to provide advice and sales options.

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