Referral program

Refer clients to our services and get rewarded!

If you are a real estate agent (independent or associated), a developer or sales associate; or someone who represents an owner with a new-build or looking for an alternative property management program for their current vacation home, we would welcome an opportunity to talk with you.

Working together to offer your clients a trustworthy and affordable management solution that provides quality service and proven results will enhance your buyers experience, which we can all mutually benefit from.

Do you know homeowners who receive a positive experience with their property management service go on to buy further homes or recommend family or friends?

By completing the Program Application (opposite), you are only allowing us to contact you to explain our program. You are not committing to anything or making an appointment for a client.


As a real estate agent you know that, after you sell a client a vacation rental property your job is far from over. You have now become their first point of contact. This is especially true when things are not going to plan, and even more frustrating when they have a management company who should be taking that responsibility.

Our property management program is tailor made for agents. We not only take over the burden of responsibility from you, we like to pay you a nice referral fee for the pleasure, and you get a client who will be happy to use you again.

Our referral fees are based on type and location of the property and paid upfront when your client joins.

By completing the Program Application (opposite), you are on your way to earning more cash today!

Sales associates

If you are a contractor’s representative or sales associate for a development that excludes you from directly benefiting from our cash based referral fee, don’t worry, there are many other benefits to using our referral program that will help you close the sale and bring in more leads.

We can provide incentives and competitive pricing in our management program to your client; and/or donate to a favorite charity to offset any referrals.

We are always on hand to present the benefits of vacation rental ownership to you and your clients, either on-site , or at our offices, to assist in closing the sale.

By completing the Program Application (opposite), your on the way to seeing how our program can assist you!


If you are one of our current home owners, or an owner joining us, and want to refer a family member, a friend or neighbor; we would be very happy to reward you for your introduction. There are a number of ways we incentivize owners.

When you are ready to introduce someone please contact your Client Relations Team, with the name and contact details and when they join we will reward you.

There is NO need for you to complete the Program Application as we already have your details.